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“Dribia’s team has complemented our advanced fidelization system with innovative solutions and new data sources, which has contributed decisively to attain our objectives.”


Recommender system based on parapharmacy purchases.


Integrated solution that automates personalized communication.


Birth data prediction with 90% accuracy within one month.


Getting closer to the customer and satisfying the needs of the local market has been one of the top priorities for retailers in the last few years. One of the basic requirements is to ensure that the right products are offered at the right time and with a price that is appealing and affordable to the nearby consumer milieu.

But how can a retailer with thousands of stores better understand the potential local market for each one?


Farmapremium supports more than 3,000 pharmacies with its advanced customer loyalty program developed from contextualized purchases of more than 1 million customers.

Using this sales data together with environment information we created a taxonomy of the pharmacies which provide them with useful information about their environment, product prices and market position.