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“Dribia’s work has strengthened our product, puting us ahead of the competition both qualitatively and quantitatively.”


API and trip planner including precise prediction of battery usage and selection of charging points.


API with features that compete in performance and precision to existing solutions.


European scalable routing with predictive error under 0.05 % battery state/km.


Electric vehicle (EV) mid to long range mobility is progressively achieving higher levels of penetration on the domestic market. However, a key pain point for EV drivers is the fear of running out of battery in long trips due to the limited number of charging points available. The range of service for trip-planning available to EV is limited and their accuracy diverse, given the challenges that developing a router for EVs that takes into account their consumption poses.


For our client Electromaps, an app that provides services to EV drivers, we have developed Rêve. Rêve is a high performance trip planner that provides optimal and accurate routes for EVs, considering, car specifications and consumption profile, user needs and trip conditions. Rêve produces trip plans that include optimized stops, stopping times and fastest routes to make the life of electrical vehicles drivers easier.