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“Dribia’s deep tech knowledge combined with their project management skills was crucial to accomplish our goals.”


Tech coordinator of a H2020 project with 5M € budget and 15 partners from 6 countries.


Four projects in two cities (AMS, BCN) with tangible technology to increase their data sovereignty.


Technological stack (5+ components) using state-of-the-art cryptography, IoT and decentralized ledger technologies.


European citizens are increasingly worried about their data sovereignty. We produce more and more data each day but are unable to control it. Where does it go? With whom are we sharing it? Who does it serve? The DECODE project tries to build the social, technological and legal tools for European citizens to share data for the public good in innovative ways.


Dribia is part of the DECODE consortium, formed by more than 14 partners from 6 countries across Europe to provide its expertise in data innovation. We coordinate the development of the project pilots in Barcelona, their technological integration as well as the development of the projects’ App using SoTA cryptography and distributed technologies developed by our partners.