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“Without Dribia’s team this project would have been impossible. We really appreciate their commitment and professionality.”


Citizen science project in which teen students design, implement & present mobility research projects based on GPS mobility data.


Increase engagement in science and urbanism in 20 schools with  +200 students.


Presentation of the scientific results of the students in front of the City Hall representatives.


Today’s youth must develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to cover tomorrow’s need for talent in a technological and digital society. Given its importance, initiatives are needed that present STEM – and its consequent applications, such as data science – in an appealing, concrete, and engaging manner.


Dribia is a founding member of an educational, non-profit project called “Beepath”. It allows students to conduct experiments involving human mobility through a mobile application that tracks human mobility. Dribia accompanies the analysis of the accumulated data. Various private foundations have so far financed the project.