A data-driven world requires a data-aware society. At Dribia, we want to contribute to this vision by sharing our expertise. That is why we organize courses, seminars, and educative experiences for professionals, citizens and students alike. We want people to understand the hidden power, but also the limitations and dangers, that lie behind apparently abstract numbers. We want to transform users of technology into actors empowered to code, analyze and take decisions backed on quantitative evidence.

  • Citizen Science experiences

    Taking scientific experiments to the public domain.
  • School tech & science experiences

    Caring for the future.
  • Data analysis seminars

    Sharing expertise.

We love doing research and sharing our insights with the society. We work hard to transfer technology and discoveries from academia to the business sector. We offer our services to private and public research institutions alike and we love publishing the results of these collaborations to enrich knowledge in data analysis and visualization related areas.

  • Data visualization

    Open-source tools for the viz of complex data relations.
  • Data mining and exploration

    Disentangling chance from causality in data.
  • Data modelling

    Using models to understand & predict new events.
  • Smart city research

    From theory to practice: Leveraging the understanding of mobility processes to extract "laws" of urban evolution.
  • Pedestrian mobility & Participatory science

    Modelling human mobility with crowsourced data.